"A sentinel is a guard whose job it is to stand and watch in order to protect people in the community so that they can live and prosper.  CCJ is a sentinel agency which stands and watches so that individuals, organizations, bureaucracies or legislators do not harm, by acts or by omissions, the rights and welfare of the community.  Using the litigation process, CCJ advocates and represents victims of these acts or omissions in the court of law so that their rights and welfare will be secured."

     —George Heron (August 30, 1938 - July 18, 2020), former CCJ Board member


Center for Civil Justice was originally established as the Genesee County Legal Aid Society in 1951.  In 1996, Congress enacted new legislation prohibiting federally-funded legal services agencies from offering certain advocacy services, including class-action litigation and legislative advocacy.  CCJ was born as a result of these new restrictions, with the organization restructuring itself to ensure that it could continue to provide these vital services.

Today, CCJ's Executive Director, Kelly Bidelman, is bringing a fresh approach to our work.  She is joined by Greg Abler, our Housing Law Attorney, and Jessica Flint, our Health and Nutrition Advocate that manages our Healthcare Eligibility Law Project.  


Thank you for helping to provide the legal and advocacy services that would otherwise be inaccessible to our most vulnerable neighbors.
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