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Get Involved

CCJ is most appreciative for the help of our volunteers. We’re currently looking for people who can either commit to a regular schedule or focus on a specific project. All volunteers should have good communication and computer skills.

We are happy to work with law and public policy students to craft fellowship proposals that could be based at our Flint office. Students who would like to discuss their ideas should send inquiries to the Executive Director at   

CCJ will also work with students and their schools to create approved work-study projects or co-op programs.

We are always keeping our eyes open for qualified individuals to serve on a board committee or the board itself.  We seek people who are passionate about our mission and who want to support what we do with their talents and skills, community connections, and resources. Those interested should direct their inquiry to the Executive Director at We’ll give you an opportunity to meet with staff and one or more members of the board.